Waste-to-Energy Sector Services

The sustainable energy revolution has created a global market, growing at exponential levels.  This market remains supported by significant public grants across the world and by major institutional and industrial investors.  Emerging and scaling solution providers commercialising in this sector have a substantial opportunity.

D’Alton Kingswell’s Sustainable Energy Division comprises experienced Industry and Trade Consultants with strong track records in commercialising sustainable energy projects, in particular waste-to-energy propositions in support of the developing circular economy.

D’Alton Kingswell actively supports several sub-sectors of this market including sustainable energy production in agriculture, hydroponic (soil-less) crop growth, gas to biofuel conversion, national grid electricity production, biofuel to gas grid supply and other waste to energy processes.  Through well-established sector investor relations, D’Alton Kingswell supports funding mechanism identification and engagement to underwrite new projects.

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