Planning Services

EuroGate receives many business plans with widely varying degrees of completeness.

For early stage companies, business plans are generally strong on their respective sciences or technologies but often weak on clinical, market and/or financial validations.

For scaling companies, whilst business plans are inevitably more roundly developed, larger specific hurdles generally remain to be overcome, e.g. a fully supported Board-agreed strategy, expansion investment requirements, newly converging or emerging competition, unforeseen new regulatory requirements, identification of high performing distribution channels or licencee partners, adoption of appropriate market access resource, etc.

These are key preparatory steps to ensure that deficiencies are not more expensively identified later, particularly during investor due diligence processes.

Planning services include:

  • Market Feasibility Studies
  • Intellectual Property and Freedom to Operate Reviews
  • Commercial Strategy and Market Selection Advisory
  • Business Support Services (Tax Advice, Accounting, Audit)
  • Business Support Services (Legal)
  • Regulatory Compliance and Support
  • Re-Imbursement Coding Acquisition

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