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Further scientific or technology development requires funding, often public, sometime private. European commercial entry or expansion requires funding, generally private. Whilst most companies embark on next stage development with own funds, frequently these are inadequate to complete the journey to the next milestone.

Inevitably, incremental public or private funding is required, launching a company into a months-long capital raising cycle. Unsupported or unguided, this process can take much longer, particularly for inexperienced management who have not been through the cycle before. Moreover, identification of relevant investors is a reconnaissance exercise in its own right, consuming time and depleting existing funds in the search.

Investment ready business plans frequently lack all the key elements an investor requires to make a decision and conditional offer, and even then, detailed due diligence processes often uncover inadequacies that result in the investment not being made, thus burning a company’s own resources and management time in failed completions.

These factors also hold true for public funding quests. The EU’s Horizon 2020 investment programme has much to offer but has exacting application and continuing reporting requirements with which companies are often unfamiliar at the outset. Furthermore, public grants are available in many regions for many purposes, and not all of these are known to developing companies.

EuroGate’s Investment Services support clients in their pursuit of capital, ensuring investment plan readiness, advising on public funding options and application processes and, for private equity, introduce relevant pre-qualified venture capital investors whose investment sweet-spots already align with the client’s proposition.

Investment Services include:

  • Public Grant Proposal Writing, in conjunction with Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Public Funding Acquisition and Management
  • Investment-Ready Business Plan Writing
  • Private Capital Raising and Management

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