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EuroGate Business Reviews are the engagement point at which EuroGate and prospective clients come together to review a client’s business and European objectives in depth, fully qualifying EuroGate’s appropriateness and, if so, identifying areas in which EuroGate can specifically benefit new clients.

All clients therefore commence engagement with EuroGate through its Business Review process in conjunction with client-relevant EuroGate Partners. The outcome is an analysis of European business plan robustness and other aspects of market readiness.

Thus, EuroGate’s independent Business Review check-list approach identifies gaps to be first addressed before next stage development to avoid weak commercial foundations on which solid futures are attempting to be built. The result is either confidence to proceed to next stage development or agreement on services to be provided to complete preparation at this stage.

EuroGate organises relevant partners to attend and engage in such a way as to present a comprehensively supported commercialisation pathway into European markets. This may result in recommended internal or third party services being quoted for optional selection by clients.

One day EuroGate Business Review in Brussels are €995 (+VAT as applicable) inclusive of EuroGate preparatory undertaken.

The benefit is a EuroGate report clarifying a client’s milestones needed to reach its objectives, the laying out of the optimum track for European commercialisation and a EuroGate services proposal comprising the delivery components required to reach and surpass the milestones. In essence, several specialist providers contribute to the strengthening each client’s European commercial strategy.

EuroGate typically engages with the following company profiles:
  • Primary Clients – established and scaling in their home market, turning over more than £/€/$3m;
  • Secondary Clients – track record in their home market, turning over up to £/€/$3m;
  • Tertiary Clients – promising sciences or technologies with a funding history of more than £1m/€1m/$1m.
Client Existing Market Traction European Engagement Budget
Primary Scale-Up More than €/£/$3m Minimum €/£/$50k+
Secondary Start-Up Up to €/£/$3m Minimum €/£/$20k+
Tertiary – Pre-Market Public Funds more than €/£/$1m Minimum €/£/$10k+

EuroGate clients divide into key Life Sciences sectors including Bio-Technology, Diagnostic and Medical Technology companies, as well a those in the renewable energy sector and a number in any sector with special projects. Very difference commercial tracks are followed by each of these categories. EuroGate has pre-mapped these tracks in one place and supports all its clients on their commercialisation journey.

In size terms, EuroGate clients are typically scaling companies, although in some cases they are promising start-ups.  All client will already have a comprehensive Business Plan completed together with a Board-approved European strategy and objectives, and an appropriate European market engagement budget.

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Professor Stephen Pennington
CEO, Atturos Ltd.

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