EuroGate Life Sciences

EuroGate’s Concept-to-Commerce methodology is a systematic, modular approach for each of medical technology, bio-technology and diagnostic/biomarker companies to develop along their respective commercial pathways, ensuring that key steps at each stage are comprehensively addressed to optimise commercial milestones, business-exit outcomes and investment returns.

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Client Engagement

EuroGate Business Reviews are the engagement point at which EuroGate and prospective clients come together to review a client’s business and European objectives in depth, fully qualifying EuroGate’s appropriateness and, if so, identifying areas in which EuroGate can specifically benefit new clients.

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Planning Services

EuroGate Planning Services include a business plan review, market feasibility studies, intellectual property and freedom to operate reviews, commercial strategy and market selection advisory, business support services including tax advice, accounting, audit and legal, European regulatory compliance and support requirements, re-Imbursement coding acquisition and others.

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Investment Services

EuroGate Investment Services include public grant proposal writing, public funding acquisition and management, investment-ready business plan writing, private capital identification, raising support and management.

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Pre-Market Services

EuroGate Pre-Market Services include clinical validation partnerships, reference centres, key opinion leaders, existing legislation, proof of concept partners, qualitative market research, round tables and up to date competitive analysis.

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Formation Services

EuroGate Formation Services include European company set-up, office re-location, executive search, interim management and other resourcing services.

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Market Engagement Services

EuroGate Market Engagement Services include EuroGate Partner management, Trade Show representation and a range of business development support and representation services.

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Waste-to-Energy Sector Services

The sustainable energy revolution has created a global market, growing at exponential levels. This market remains supported by significant public grants across the world and by major institutional and industrial investors. Emerging and scaling solution providers commercialising in this sector have a substantial opportunity.

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Special Projects

D’Alton Kingswell conducts special non-sector focussed projects for scaling companies within the skill-sets of its Consulting Team, utilising similar methods of approach as for its core Biotech-, Medtech, In Vitro Diagnostic technology and Sustainable Energy Divisions.

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Professor Stephen Pennington
CEO, Atturos Ltd.

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